Welcome to the Boston Vegan Association

The Boston Vegan Association (BVA) is dedicated to educating the public and its volunteers about veganism and animal rights advocacy, toward the end of abolishing all forms of animal use. The BVA holds that all forms of animal use are wrong and that each person has a moral obligation to be vegan.
The BVA rejects all forms of advocacy that seek to reform, regulate, or otherwise make the human use of animals more humane, on the grounds that such activities are counterproductive to the goal of ending animal use. For the same reason, the BVA rejects all forms of advocacy that seek to end only particular uses of animals. Instead, the BVA commits its resources exclusively to nonviolent vegan education. The BVA holds that educating people about veganism and vegan advocacy is the only way to make progress toward ending animal use.
For its volunteers, the BVA runs reading-and-discussion groups on animal rights ideology, as well as an ongoing advocacy-practice group intended to help give volunteers the tools necessary to succeed as advocates. For members of the public, the BVA hosts a variety of reading groups, film screenings, debates, and public discussions.


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For Newcomers to veganism

Whether you're curious about veganism, already transitioning to being vegan, or a recent vegan who would like to read more about the reasons behind being vegan, please start by visiting our FAQ. Afterward, you may want to read our start page for more details information on why to go vegan, as well as our becoming vegan page for tips on making the transition.

We also recommend checking out our Respecting Animals pamphlet and our vegan nutrition summary.

For Newcomers to the BVA

If you're looking to learn more about upcoming Boston Vegan Association, read our mission above and check out our schedule of monthly orientation and advocacy practice meetings at our Events Calendar.